Quartets Communion: CD
  • Quartets Communion: CD
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Tracks: 1. The Prayer, Mother Anne Brevard); 2. Morning Train (Public Domain), Mother Anne Brevard; 3. Thank You Lord, Stephon Steward and Kenneth Keith DuBose; 4. Always on Duty, Kenneth Keith DuBose and Jonathan DuBose Jr.; 5. Will You Be Ready, Jonathan DuBose Jr.; 6. The Bright Side, Ann'e DuBois; 7. The Rapture, Jonathan DuBose Jr.; 8. Nothing But The Blood of Jesus (Public Domain), Jonathan DuBose, Jr.; 9. Couldn't Keep It To Myself (Public Domain), Olin Dorsey and Donald Sanders; 10. That's Why I'm On His Side, Stephon Steward; 11. Give Thanks, Leroy Dorsey; 12. Lord You Are So Wonderful, Veronica Upchurch; 13. Break Bread (Public Domain), Jonathan DuBose Jr.; 14. Glory,Glory, Hallelujah (Public Domain), Mother Anne Brevard; 15. Jesus Loves, Walter Champion and Leroy Champion; 16. Fountain Filled with Blood (Public Domain), Jonathan DuBose, Jr. All instrumentals produced and performed by Jonathan DuBose Jr.; All background vocals produced and performed by Jonathan DuBose, Jr except,"Couldn't Keep it To Myself" Performed by Donald Sanders and "Lord You Are So Wonderful" performed by Veroinca Upchurch. All Songs written and composed by Jonathan DuBose Jr. except where indicated. "Bright Side" - Written and performed by Ann'e DuBois. "The Rapture"-Written by the Nightingales. "Thank You" - Arrangement by Stephon Steward and Kenneth Keith DuBose. "Morning Train" and "Glory,Glory, Hallelujah" -Public Domain. (The Communion Songs) "Nothing But the Blood", "Let Us Break Bread" and Fountain Filled with Blood" - Public Domain.

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